Providence MicroGreenhouse Kit

Providence Regen AgTech Education Program & Kit
(Grow Container)

Consists of 4 different components

1. The Living Soil System

2. The Micro Hydro lettuce grow system

3. The Pi-Top educational kit

4. The farmOS farm/garden management suite

The way the package and program is designed is setup to create a step by step process of working with Regenerating soil, seeding plants for microhydro system and growing plant starts into potted plants filled with the living soil medium. All these components will be connected to the Pi-TOP unit and also be tasked and tracked using the farmOS platform. The Google Classroom will be filled with Further classes, video tutorials and other educational materials for the teachers and students to work from.
Providence will be supplying the Plant starts, Soils and the Systems/Services for this program. Providence is setup to provide these services on a monthly and or annual basis. Providence will also be available to supply the schools with veggies for their Garden2Lunch program as in the near future once Providence farm systems are producing year round. More details on our website :
Providence is working on is developing a “on-ramp” program for Shasta County elementary schools that will lead to classes at Shasta College AgTech program.  

Providence is developing a Regenerative Educational Kit and practices for K-12 as a on ramp program into Shasta College’s Regenerative Agriculture Program.